Taxi fare Uber from Putrajaya Transit Romestay to National Cancer Institute

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    Uber X

    Initial fee: 1.00 MYR
    Cost of ride time: 1.20 MYR
    Cost of distance: 0.87 MYR

    Total Fare: ~ 3.07 MYR

    Uber XL

    Initial fee: 2.50 MYR
    Cost of ride time: 1.60 MYR
    Cost of distance: 1.16 MYR

    Total Fare: ~ 5.26 MYR

    Uber Black

    Initial fee: 3.00 MYR
    Cost of ride time: 2.00 MYR
    Cost of distance: 2.03 MYR

    Total Fare: ~ 7.03 MYR

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