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No matter the time of the day, our Taxi fare calculator for Uber, Lyft and other taxis is superbly fine. However, our calculator will reflect a surge multiplier as at the time when the search is being done. You can use it repeatedly and it will provide you with results which are real-time fare estimates.

Our Fare Estimator for Uber & Lyft is easy to use. It is used for all supported countries and cities. This makes it incredible easy for you to use anywhere where Uber/Lyft Taxis are available. This Uber/Lyft fare calculator is highly accurate and all you need to do is select your pickup location and destination and you will get an estimate of the taxi fare immediately. You don't need to provide personal details to know how much you will be charged. You do not have to log in to your Uber or Lyft account to use our calculator. Just enter your pickup point and destination and you know the cost.

A few facts about Uber

Uber® is an on-demand private car service which currently operates in 77 countries, over 545 cities worldwide.

How much does Uber cost?

Most everyone wants to know how much his/her Uber will cost before requesting a ride, right? You might hesitate to request an Uber ride because you have no clue what the Uber rates are, and how much your Uber price will end up being - $10, $50? Luckily, this Uber prices estimator gives very accurate numbers. So, how does Uber come up with the fare estimates? Read on!

Uber pricing model

Uber pricing model utilizes these 4 components when calculating a fare:

Here's how Uber calculates your fare:

Your Ride Fare = Base Fare + (Cost per minute * time in ride) + (Cost per mile(or km) * ride distance) + Booking Fee

Uber prices depend on the city and the Uber service you use

The base fare, cost per minute, and cost per mile (or km) vary depending on:

For example, compare Uber rates in New York and Uber rates London. Or check Uber rates by country & city.

Uber minimum fare: You won't pay less than the minimum

Uber sets a minimum fare for each service to help adequately compensate drivers for short trips. If the ride's calculated sum is lower than the minimum fare, you will still be charged the minimum fare.

Uber popular routes

Wondering where most Uber taxi passengers head to? We have curated the most popular Uber destinations worldwide right now.

Lyft vs. Uber

Lyft is a U.S. based ridesharing competitor to Uber. While Uber is going global, Lyft is making sure to establish a service-minded and reliable service in the US. Check out Lyft Down? page to see if there are ongoing issues with Lyft based on riders' reports. Read more info on why Uber down today.
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